Grace Over Guilt | Looking At Wellness Differently

Do not eat that girl scout cookie.   Don’t do it. Stop. Ugh…you have absolutely no willpower.  Unbelievable…. While slightly humorous, so goes the inner self-deprecating dialogue that attempts to guilt me into making healthier choices for myself.  I ask myself what negative self-talk has ever actually done for me.  Nothing, except make me feel worse. I […]

Becoming Jane: Why You Should Add Portraits of People You Don’t Know to Your Home

I want to be Jane Austen.  Ok, not really because she actually had a challenging life.  However, I wouldn’t mind living in one of her books.  Anyone else out there feel the same way?  So since I can’t physically insert myself into her writings, I will settle for creating spaces that remind me of that […]

The Classics Shop

Recently Gwyneth Paltrow’s online magazine, Goop, launched a line of clothing they aptly call “The Classics Shop.”  Of course, I’m in love.  Also of course, I can’t afford it.  People who work in education generally don’t pay $600+ for one item of clothing… I sort of rediscovered Zara the other day while out shopping, and […]