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Hi!  My name is Josie Adams,

Surface Pattern Designer | Hobby Collector | Travel Enthusiast

I am a middle school counselor with a goal to be a surface pattern designer for interiors and home furnishings.

My love of fabric design really began when I was teaching a fashion design class for a high school in Texas.  I had been sewing for a long time before I began teaching it (which is why I am a Bernina addict), but I really started to fall in love with fabric during my span running a class.  When you’re teaching 75 freshman how to make pajama pants, you really start to notice the prints on things.  During that time, I could make a pair of pjs with my eyes closed, so it was exciting to start to focus on the fabric kids were bringing in.

However, it wasn’t until I moved to California after getting married that I took steps towards my pipe dream of actually designing fabric.  You see, I was jobless.  Turns out getting my masters in school counseling in Texas didn’t actually guarantee you a job in California…  Since one of my personality traits is an inability to sit still for very long, I dove into classes on Skillshare by Elizabeth Olwen and Bonnie Christine, both amazing surface pattern designers.  I joined the Roost Tribe by Bonnie Christine and endeavored to learn Adobe Illustrator.

I eventually landed a job as a middle school counselor, and my dream of designing fabrics sort of took a back seat.  Fast forward two years, and here I am, still dreaming my dream, but actively taking steps towards my goal.  Slow and steady…

I am learning and growing, and I hope that you will join me on my journey!



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