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My name is Josie.  A native Texan and transplant Californian.  I grew up in a tiny Texas town on South Old Temple Road surrounded by family and enormous oak trees.  I have found myself, many years later, on 38th Street in California with a husband and more camellias than I have ever seen in one place.

The concept of home is important to me.  I say concept because I have a less solid definition of the word than Webster.  To me, home is found in the people you love and who you choose to share your life with.  Home is filling a space with pieces that bring you joy.  Home is a physical place, like the house you grew up in.  And maybe most importantly, home is found in the choice to make the most out of every place on God’s earth you happen to find yourself.  I found a sort of home beside a small fire at a roadside cafe in Ireland sharing stories with a tour bus guide and my best friend.  I was only there for a few hours, but I shared a piece of who I am with those people in that moment.

Home is more traditionally defined as the place where you live.  This is a true enough statement.  Home is the place where day to day tasks of living are carried out.  Where meals are made and eaten.  Where mail is opened and bills are paid.  Home is a haven of rest after a long work day.  Where clothes are washed and dishes are done.  Where families grow and friends connect.  We only have one shot at life on this earth, and I am a believer in living well physically, mentally, and spiritually.  A huge part of living well is living honestly.  Be proud of who you are and thankful for the blessings in your life.  Everyone has something positive to offer this world no matter how small.  My home is my creative space.  The place where I have the opportunity to share who I am with anyone who cares to pay attention.  You can get to know me through the furniture I choose to fill my house, the meals I make with my husband, my bookcase, and through all my creative endeavors that spill over my guest bedroom/studio (it is California after all…space is expensive).

Ultimately, I believe a home is an extension of who you are.  My goal in creating 38th & Temple is to share ideas on living well, honestly, and creatively in order to have a beautiful and fulfilling experience while you are in this world.  Welcome to 38th & Temple.


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