Gems of the Pacific Northwest

One of the really incredible things about living in Sacramento is how close you are to so many different climates and scenery.  Within roughly two hours you can be at the beach, the mountains, a forest, or the desert if you so desire.  If you hop on a plane, you can be in Washington in the same amount of time.  And I must say, it is one hundred percent worth it.

Josh and I went up to the Olympic National Park for this birthday weekend, and it was spectacular.  It helped that the area was experiencing relief from the ever present rain that weekend.  The sun was out and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We decided to rent a car and take a little road trip around the perimeter of the park so we could see a good portion of it on our short weekend trip.  We made a few stops along the way, which I am eager to share with you.

Stop #1: Port Angeles

I love being around water.  On it, in it, whatever.  Though we didn’t have a lot of time to spend there, I loved the minutes we did.  I would definitely enjoy getting to know this spot a little more at another time.  Take some time at Lake Crescent on your way out of Port Angeles.  The water is so still and the reflections are incredible.  Sometimes it was hard to tell if something was actually a reflection or not!

Stop #2: Forks


Even though this was my husband’s birthday trip, we spent a little more time here than we normally would have because of me.  Yes, I read the Twilight series, and yes, I enjoyed it.  Don’t lie…you did too.

Stop#3: Hoh Rainforest

Maybe more importantly than Twilight, Forks leads into the main point of our trip, which was to take a small backpacking trip in the Hoh Rainforest.  This place was incredible!  I am by no means a seasoned backpacker, and I loved every minute of this trek.  Definitely a great way to start out in backpacking if you are interested.  We camped at 5 Mile Island.  A tree sort of fell on the facilities at the campground and the next bathrooms were 7 more miles down the trail.  I’m not thrilled the whole going in the woods thing, but the overall experience of being in such a beautiful place made it worth the discomfort of being without a potty.

Stop #4: Ruby Beach


A quick stop for us, but totally worth it.  After climbing over an enormous maze of driftwood, we took a stroll along the shores of the northwest coastline.

Stop #5: Seabrook

We sort of stumbled upon this little resort town on our drive and were super pleased that we did.  Seabrook, Washington is a cute little spot begging to be on someone’s Instagram.  We stopped here for lunch at Frontager’s Pizza Co.  It was so Pinterest perfect on the inside, but that doesn’t always mean you are going to have good food.  Thankfully, Frontager’s delivered.  I recommend getting the goat cheese pizza.  SO YUMMY!

Stop #6: Aberdeen

Ok, at first glance Aberdeen, Washington might not seem like much, but as we discovered, it is home to one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in a long time.  We walked in to Rediviva with no expectations and were completely blown away.  We had a great conversation with the owner, Andy, and come to find out he also owns the pizza place in Seabrook we ate at earlier!  This place was gorgeous on the inside and we ordered dishes that were common to the Pacific Northwest.  I had the sturgeon and my husband had steelhead.  Both dishes were sublime.  Perfectly cooked, seasoned, and paired with fresh vegetables and various sides.  To top off his birthday weekend, we indulged in the beignets drizzled in a bourbon sauce that was to die for.  Everything was perfect.  Highly, highly recommend this place.

Stop #7: Seattle

Our last stop on our quick tour was a brief afternoon in Seattle.  We walked down to Pike’s Place Market and had chowder and grilled salmon from Jack’s Fish Place.  It isn’t fancy, but the chowder was really good and you didn’t have to wait forever to be served.  It also had the charm of being right in the thick of the market, which, due to the fantastic weather that day, was bustling.  Other than food, I recommend taking in all the gorgeous fresh flowers the market has to offer.  The bouquets they put together are breathtaking.

Then, if you’re a fabric junkie like me, you absolutely have to go to Drygoods Designs in Pioneer Square.  This shop is so lovely with its artfully curated fabrics and unique collection of sewing patterns and books.  They offer a wide range of Rifle Paper Co. goods, obviously including their fabrics.  If you have the time, you should look into taking a sewing class from them.  It is on my bucket list if I’m ever in Seattle for longer than a couple days.  The sample projects lining the wall look amazing!



*All photos taken with the iPhone 7 and edited with VSCO app


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