36 Hours in Your Home: “Staycation” Essentials

Text conversation with a friend:

Her: Hey, would you be interested in seeing La La Land with me tonight?

Me: Oh man, yes I would but we are in San Diego…

Her: [Crying emojis] Bummer. What days of the month are you typically home?

Me: Tuesdays haha

Her: So Tuesdays you guys are home and you go to your jobs on those days? Otherwise you’re in Texas, Chicago, SD, or Bangladesh?

Ok, so maybe my husband and I go places a lot (Bangladesh is a stretch)…  It’s true.  With our families living in different states and our love of seeing new places, we travel all the time.  In fact, we were supposed to be going to Florida over our long weekend, but plans changed.  I have to say, though, that staying home has its advantages.  No delayed flights, mediocre airport food, time changes, or jet lag.

Staying home can also be the perfect time to focus on yourself and get in a few things you enjoy before starting the work week again.  I love taking weekends at home to move a little slower and absorb each moment.  The New York Times puts out a “36 Hours in…” series that recommends things to do in different places throughout the world all in a weekend.  I wanted to offer you 36 Hours in Your Home to show that staying home can be just as fun as traveling elsewhere.


5pm – Get Out of the Office On Time

That’s it.  Leave.  Really.  The rest can wait until Monday, I promise.

7pm – Restaurant You’ve Never Tried

Pick out a restaurant in your area that you’ve never been to, grab an other, and go experience something new in your own back yard.

9pm – Movie Time


Take your other or yourself to a movie.  If the weather is good, see if there are outdoor movies playing.  Better yet, go home and watch a movie.  There, sweatpants and dirty hair are acceptable.  No one is worried about sharing armrest space, and there is a pause button when you really have to get up and pee.


8am – Yoga


I know… 8am on a Saturday that you have nothing to do?  Just trust me.  It’s worth it.  Get up and take yourself through a practice.  It doesn’t have to be more than 15 minutes, but it will get you moving and start your mind in a good place for the day.  Try a practice from Gaia and see what you think.  Once finished, hydrate and shower.

9am – Pancakes

Just this morning, my husband and I made a batch of whole wheat pancakes.  It was so nice to be able to slow down and not worry about the pressure of time like when you go to a restaurant.  If I want to take three hours to eat my food, I can!  In truth, we all should eat a little slower.  It helps with digestion and weight control.  The best part of making breakfast together is the opportunity to talk and laugh with each other.

No husband?  No problem.  Take the time for yourself.  Prior to being married, I loved taking the time to make myself breakfast and stop to appreciate all the great things I had in my life.  Not to mention the pancakes I was about to feed myself.  Plus, making your own pancakes is WAY cheaper and healthier than going to IHOP.

10am – Pull Out Your Hobbies

Make today about what you like to do.  Lately my hobby ADHD has taken me to the realm of surface pattern design.  I love taking classes through Skillshare and learning more about the industry through courses offered from Bonnie Christine and Elizabeth Olwen.  Atly is another great place to learn new skills.

pattern design

So for a few hours this morning, do something you enjoy.  Read a book, sketch, write, make a quilt, that thing you’ve always said you wanted to do but haven’t.  Whatever!  Just do it.

12pm – Treat Yourself Lunch

Treat yourself to that trendy lunch spot you’ve looked at but said you weren’t going to pay that much for chicken salad.  One of my favorite places in the Sacramento area is Selland’s Market Cafe.  The “Josh” pizza is delicious!  Not just saying so because my husband’s name is Josh…


2pm – Afternoon a la Plaza

After you’ve taken your time at that adorable lunch spot, take a walk around the town.  Go to the park, window shop, shop for real – just move.  But while you move, observe.  Really take in and appreciate where you are.  You may notice a store you’ve never seen before.  I love finding new little bookshops to look in.  Have a conversation with a shop owner or that lady you run into every time you’re in the grocery store.  The idea is to change your experience with the routine places you see everyday.

5pm – Finish Your Project

Come home from your afternoon stroll and finish that project you started earlier today.  Share your progress with the world through social media or don’t.  One of my goals this year is to remember that some things I make can be just for me.  No one else has to see them.

7pm – Cook Something New

I am a hoarder of cookbooks.  I love them.  I guarantee you I have never made every recipe in one before buying another one.  There are plenty of new recipes to try.  Give it a shot!  If it’s terrible, that’s what take out is for.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


10am – Spiritual Time

I am a church-goer.  Taking time in your day to focus on your beliefs and then refocus your life is essential.

12pm – Lunch with Friends

Spend a little time with the important people in your life.  Maybe that means going to a restaurant.  It could also mean inviting people to a leisurely afternoon at your house.

5pm – At Home Spa

Put on that fuzzy robe and pamper yourself for a few hours.  Aim to be alone for a little while to decompress from being with and serving others.  Light a few candles, soak your feet, and don a face mask.  My favorite candles are from Voluspa.  Their scents are amazing without being overpowering or making you want a sugar cookie.  Formulary 55 makes an incredible foot soak that is worth every penny.  I’m not really the one you should ask about face masks, but I am currently loving the Luna oil from Sunday Riley.  It smells like green tea and is very relaxing.

7pm – Eat a Light Dinner

You have to get up early tomorrow, so don’t chow down on a huge dinner.  Eat something light and nutrient heavy like a stir fry.  You might try cooking your vegetables a little longer if you notice that close to raw veggies make you bloat and feel heavy in your stomach.  It isn’t comfortable to go to sleep with that feeling.

8pm – Grab a Tennis Ball

No, seriously.  You can give yourself a great massage with a tennis ball.  By placing the ball between your tension spots and a wall or floor, you can massage away a great deal of stress.  Use it essentially how you would use a foam roller but for a lot less money.  Dalton Wong and Kate Faithfull-Williams offer a great tennis ball routine in their book, The Feelgood Plan.

10pm – Sleep

via My Scandinavian Home

Be in bed and heading to sleepy town by 10pm.  Studies show that this is the optimal time to go to bed to allow yourself for enough time to sleep.  Turn off your phone and computer.  As tempting as it is to lay in bed with your electronic devices and stare at Instagram until you fall asleep, don’t.  The lights emitted by your devices actually hinder you from sleeping properly.  Also, wear loose clothing.  Tight clothing can reduce melatonin production by more than half.


I hope you enjoy your weekend at home!






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