New Year, New Challenges

January 1st rolls around and everyone does a collective promise to overhaul their lives.  We take the opportunity of a new year to start over with a clean slate we vow not to scribble on.  About March, we scribble.  Come December, a year’s worth of broken resolutions can lead to a fair amount of self-loathing.  This year I’ve decided simply to challenge myself.  No promises I’ll hate myself for breaking.  Just goals.  Many of them are goals that will take more than one year to complete, which is ok.  The point is to live well for my whole life, not just 2017.   So, here’s to a new year with new challenges!  I can’t wait to see what I accomplish!

  1. Stop falling for diet plans and simply start living a healthy, honest life.  My challenge is to change my way of thinking and my relationship with food.  I want to encourage myself to take time to appreciate what food does for my body and become more in tune with how my body feels.  I want to nourish rather than tear down.  Mostly, I want to be realistic with myself.  Am I never going to eat a cookie again?  Um, no.  I like cookies.  I am going to eat a cookie again, and I’m not going to beat myself up every time I do.  However, I also know that I beat myself up emotionally and physically when I continually eat things that are bad for me.  This need for balance and self-appreciation led me to this challenge.  Books like The Feelgood Plan and The Honest Life are great resources for those looking to challenge themselves to something similar.
  2. Keep reading.  Books are a way of life for me.  I want to challenge myself to read books I may not usually read this year.  To help me with that, I am semi-following the Popsugar book challenge.  I say semi-following because when it comes right down to it, I am not going to force myself to read a book I know I’ll hate.  Who has time for that?  AP English is over, guys.
  3. Remember that I can create things for no one but myself.  I have always been a sharing person.  Just ask me what you want to know about me, and I’ll probably tell you.  I’m a terrible liar, and I actually like to share if someone shows an interest.  Couple that with the fact that my facial expressions give a clear indication of my thoughts, and you have one seriously open book when it comes to me.  I sort of have this idea that if I make something, I have to share it.  That is JUST NOT TRUE!  Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic really helped me believe that it is ok to make something no one else ever sees.
  4. Learn more about art.  I have no formal education when it comes to drawing or painting.  I’ve never taken an art class save those presented on Skillshare.  I sincerely admire those who have a talent for art, and have always been a bit jealous of their skills.  I would like to challenge myself to take an art class of some kind this year.  Regardless of whether or not I am able to take a formal art class, I will continue with Skillshare.  It really is a fantastic forum for learning new and interesting things.

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