A Day in San Francisco

Have some time to spare in San Francisco?  I highly encourage you to visit the following places to make your trip more memorable.

Eats: The Mission District

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I was so excited to explore San Francisco’s Mission District.  It is becoming more well known for it’s creative ventures into the world of food.  Definitely stop in at Tartine Bakery in the Mission District for a minimalist environment with maximum taste.  I definitely recommend their Bavarian fruit cake.  Enjoy a few small, tapas-style plates from the Peruvian influenced restaurant Limon Rotisserie.  The truffle mac & cheese will not be a disappointment.  Walk over to Dandelion Chocolate to see a small-batch chocolatier in action and obviously indulge in decadent morsels.  The Dulce de Leche Bar is a really beautiful thing…

Views: Baker Beach

Catch a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge from this local beach hangout.  I was thankful to have the view of the timeless bridge without the excessive number of people trying to walk or bike over the bridge as is the usual custom.  Be aware that a portion of Baker Beach is a nude beach, so if that’s not your thing (like me), pay attention to the signs and stick to the southern parts of the beach.



Unexpected Joy: Conservatory of Flowers


Spend a portion of your afternoon wandering the Conservatory of Flowers.  While I have always admired the beautiful and historic building, I was not expecting to love the reason for the conservatory so much.  The plant life was absolutely fantastic.  Each wing of the conservatory offered a unique and mesmerizing experience.  All I wanted to do was grab a book, sit on a bench nestled in the greenery, and read for hours surrounded by the incredible living art.


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